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What we are looking for

be our #niconicoambassador #niconicoangels

  • you must have an established platform that has at least 10k or more fans.
  • you must share our products within 10 days of receiving
  • you must link to our website or relevant social media platforms.
  • you must send us the high-res picture to our e-mail
  • the pics will be ours, and niconico mare is free to use to any commercial mean

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If you are young, passionate, and love fashion photography,
join us and enhance your skill and experience in photography.

We will provide the material for you and let you explore the theme of our swimwear with your perspective.

We are open for ideas and photography collaboration. Just contact us now.

If you’re a new model looking to add your portfolio, we’re here to help.
We will provide the material, and will help promote you and your social media.

or are you a model or make up agency? You will be featured on our website, and so our Instagram.

We are always looking for new partnerships and ideas!

current collaborations

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